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Determination of penicillins in urine with Ellman's reagent

  • P. Vermeij
Short Communications


The application of dithionitrobenzoic acid (Ellman's reagent) for the quantitative determination of penicillins in aqueous solution and in urine is described. The penicillins have to be converted to penicillamine by treatment with alkali and acid successively. Penicillamine, which is formed quantitatively, can be determined with dithionitrobenzoic acid (Dtnb). From urine the penicillins must be extracted. The method determines urinary concentrations as low as 300 mg.l−1 and is simple and rapid to perform.


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  • P. Vermeij
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  1. 1.Apotheek Andreas ZiekenhuisAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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