Letters in Mathematical Physics

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Motions of vortex patches

  • Jacob Burbea


An evolution equation describing the motion of vortrex patches is established. The existence of steady solutions of this equation is proved. These solutions arem-fold symmetric regions of constant vorticity ω0 and are uniformly rotating with angular velocity Ω in the range
$$\tilde \Omega _{m - 1}< \tilde \Omega \leqslant \tilde \Omega _m (\tilde \Omega = \Omega /\omega _0 ,m \geqslant 2)$$
where\(\tilde \Omega _m = (m - 1)/2m\). We call this class, ofm-fold symmetric rotating regionsD, the class
of them-waves of Kelvin. Any
may be regarded as a simply connected region which is a stationary configuration of the Euler equations in two dimensions. If
then any magnification, rotation or reflection is also in
with the same angular velocity Ω ofD. The angular velocity\(\Omega _m = \tilde \Omega _m \omega _0 \) corresponds only to the circle solution, which is a trivial member of every class
,m⩾2. The class
corresponds to the rotating ellipses of Kirchoff. Other properties of the class
are established.


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  • Jacob Burbea
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of PittsburghPittsburghUSA

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