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Patient satisfaction following rhinoplasty

  • Bahman Guyuron
  • Farhat Bokhari


This retrospect study was conducted to evaluate patient satisfaction following rhinoplasty. Of the 1,062 patients who had undergone rhinoplasty and received a questionnaire, there were 468 respondents. They rated satisfaction with aesthetic and functional results of the surgery. Four groups were created: Group I comprised all the respondents: 468 patients of which there were 381 (81.4%) females and 87 (18.6%) males; 6.2% of this group was dissatisfied. Group II [373 patients: 301 (80.7%) female and 72 (19.3%) male] was composed of patients who underwent a primary rhinoplasty by the lead author, with or without revision of which 7.5% was not satisfied. Group III [95 patients: 80 (84.2%) female and 15 (15.8%) male] comprised those who underwent the initial rhinoplasty by another surgeon and the secondary procedure by the lead author. The surgery failed to satisfy only 1.1% of this group. Group IV [86 patients: 78 (90.7%) female and 8 (9.3%) male] underwent initial surgery by the lead author and then required revision surgery. This group exhibited the highest dissatisfaction level (13.6%). This article analyzes the results of the questionnaire in detail. In summary, the percentage of dissatisfied patients in the total population was higher among male patients (12.8%) than among female patients (4.6%).

Key words

Rhinoplasty Satisfaction Dissatisfaction 


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  • Bahman Guyuron
    • 1
  • Farhat Bokhari
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