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Partial subfascial abdominoplasty

  • Claude Le Louarn


An efficient liposuction is one performed behind and above the abdominal superficial fascia. It is followed first by a dissection at the deep side of this fascia, and then after a change of plane, at the supra-umbilical level to reach the pre-muscular fascia plane. Dissection is then adjusted according to the amount of excess skin. As the amount of tissue that needs to be vascularized by the subdermal arterial network is reduced, and as no major lymphatic trunk is cut, the partial subfascial abdominoplasty respects the anatomy of the region better. In our experience (65 cases since March 1989) this quick and reliable technique totally avoids the most frequent risk of abdominoplasty: seroma.

Key words

Abdominoplasty Liposuction Seroma 


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