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Delayed gametogenesis and spawning of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) kept under different photoperiod and temperature regimes

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The present work investigates the importance of day length and temperature in the control of reproduction of sea bass, as well as the effectiveness of LHRHa and HCG in inducing spawning out of season in this species. A controlled regime was produced and seasonal cycles with high components of temperature and photoperiod were extended from the summer solstice for at least 6 months, followed by a short photoperiod regime for 3 months before a new increase in these components. Natural spawning in the control fish occurred more frequently in mid February, although it was also observed in January and early March. Temperature manipulation delayed the spawning one month with respect to the controls, although some of the animals entered into gonadal regression. Photoperiodic manipulation delayed maturation for three months with respect to controls but it was necessary to perform hormonal induction of spawning. Although LHRHa and HCG were both applied, only intraperitoneal injections of LHRHa were effective in inducing spawning of sea bass out of season when the temperatures were 17°C. Dephasing between the annual changes in photoperiod in relation to the coordination of the different events of the sexual cycle of sea bass is considered.

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