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Separation of alkylnaphthalenes by preparative liquid chromatography using column switching systems

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The paper describes the separation of the mixture of alkynaphthalenes from distillation cuts of a pyrolysis oil, by preparative liquid chromatography on silica. The design of the system permits the connection of the columns to form multicolumn systems.

The samples were first separated on a single column. The mixtures were further separated using two-column chromatography systems.

The obtained fractions were analyzed by capillary gas chromatography. In most cases a substantial increase in the concentrations of the individual components was achieved. In several cases, pure compounds have been obtained. Separation efficiency increases in the following order: single column, two directly coupled collumns, two-step switching chromatography, heartcutting.

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Kříž, J., Adamcová, E. & Vodička, L. Separation of alkylnaphthalenes by preparative liquid chromatography using column switching systems. Chromatographia 29, 366–374 (1990). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02261305

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Key Words

  • Column liquid chromatography
  • Preparative scale separation
  • Column coupling and column switching
  • GC analysis of fractions
  • Diaromatic hydrocarbons