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An die Redaction eingegangene Schriften

Siehe Juli-Heft 1872, Seite 319–320

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    1. 1061.

      On Birds recently observed or obtained in the Island of Negros, Philippines. By Arthur Viscount Walden and Edgar Leopold Layard. Cum Tab. IV–VI. (Chrysocolaptes xanthocephalus, Dicrurus mirabilis, Janthoenas griseogularis.) [From „The Ibis” for April 1872.] — Vom Verfasser.

    2. 1062.

      A List of the Birds known to inhabit the Island of Celebes. By Arthur Viscound Walden. Cum Tab. III–X. [From Trans. Zool. Soc. London, Vol. 8, Part II, May 1872.] — Vom Verfasser.

    3. 1063.

      M. Th. v. Heuglin. Ornithologie Nordost Afrikas. Band II. 3. Doppel-Lieferung. (Mit Taf. XII. b. XXI.) — Vom Verfasser.

    4. 1064.

      C. Sundevall. Methodi naturalis Avium disponendarum Tentamen. — Försök till Fogelklassens naturenliga Uppställing. Pars prior. Stockholm, 1872. — Vom Verfasser.

    5. 1065.

      J. V. Barboza du Bocage. Aves das possessoes da Africa occidental. Sexta Lista. [Extr. do Journ. de Sc. mathem.-physic.-naturaes No. XIII, Lisboa, 1872.]. — Vom Verfasser.

    6. 1066.

      Dr. P. L. Sclater. Additional Remarks on certain Species of Pelicans. Cum Tab. LI. (Pelecanus Sharpii.] (From Proc. Zool. Soc. of London, Novbr. 7, 1871.] — Vom Verfasser.

    7. 1067.

      Sclater. Description of a new Species of Dove (Turtur aldabranus) from the Coral-reef of Aldabra. Cum Tab. LXXIII. [From Proc. Z. Soc. London, Novbr. 21, 1871.] — Vom Demselben.

    8. 1068.

      Sclater. Remarks on a Collection of Birds from Oyapok. [From Pr. Z. Soc. Lond. Decbr. 5, 1871.] — Vom Demselben.

    9. 1069.

      Sclater. Remarks on the Species of the GeneraMyiozetetes andConopias, belonging to the FamilyTyrannidae. [From Pr. Z. Soc. London, Decbr. 5, 1871.] — Von Demselben.

    10. 1070.

      Sclater. On Kaup's Cassowary (Casuarius Kaupi) and on the other known Species of the Genus. Cum Tab. IX. [From Proc. Z. Soc. London, Febr. 6, 1872.] — Vom Demselben.

    11. 1071.

      Leon Olphe-Galliard. Quelques remarques sur les règles de la Nomenclature zoologique appliquées a toutes les branches de l'Histoire Naturelle. Bulle, 1872. — Vom Verfasser.

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