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Effects of weed control on species composition of aquatic plants and bank plants and macrofauna in ditches

  • B. Beltman


For several years, the effect of ditch management measures on the species composition of aquatic and bank flora and macrofauna were studied in a polder with a peat soil. The mowing basket increased the presence of floating plants whereas the ditch-scoop increased filamentous algae and submerged plant species. Monospecific stands of aquatic plants had fewer macrofaunal species than stands with many plant species. Direct and indirect effects of management measures on the macrofauna composition were shown.


weed control aquatic vegetation macroinvertebrates species composition 


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  • B. Beltman
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. of Plant EcologyUniversity of UtrechtUtrechtThe Netherlands

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