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Some ecological consequences of a projected deep reservoir in the Kabalebo River in Suriname

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The construction of a deep reservoir for hydropower generation and the consequent inundation of a tropical rain forest will drastically disturb the ecological equilibrium in the Kabalebo River basin. Mathematical modelling techniques are used to predict the water quality in the new Devis Reservoir and the adjacent downstream river. Special attention is given to the oxygen budget being the most critical factor in water quality during the first decennium after the start of filling. In order to minimize the ecological impacts of the reservoir construction, an alternative intake design and a delayed filling period are the most promising remedial measures.

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Van Pagee, J.A., Groot, S., Klomp, R. et al. Some ecological consequences of a projected deep reservoir in the Kabalebo River in Suriname. Hydrobiological Bulletin 16, 241–254 (1982). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02255378

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  • Water Quality
  • River Basin
  • Critical Factor
  • Modelling Technique
  • Rain Forest