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Homology of Balbiani rings among chironomid species and localization of a new mobile element on the polytene chromosomes

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The results ofin situ cross-hybridization of the cloned DNA fragments of BRa, BRb and BRc fromChironomus thummi to the polytene chromosomes of 14Chironomus species andCamptochironomus tentans are presented. BRs of the species studied were demonstrated to contain the homologus DNA sequences. The cloned fragment from the BRa ofC. thummi hybridized with the BRa ofC. piger and with a region on the arm G ofC. tentans andC. plumosus, the latter species had no extra BR. The clone λ 16 from the BRb ofC. thummi hybridized only with the developed BR on the arm G of all species studied. The sequence from the BRc ofC. thummi was located in the BRc ofC. piger and in the developed BR ofC. plumosus andC. nuditarsis, which were located at the most distal end of arm G. These clones can be used as markers of homologous BRs. The new mobile elements C6.10 fromC. thummi genome were localized on the polytene chromosomes of 10Chironomus species andCamptochironomus tentans. The species of the generaLipiniella, Cryptochironomus andGlyptotendipes did not contain the sequences homologous to ME C6.10.

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Filippova, M.A., Kiknadze, I.I., Aimanova, K.G. et al. Homology of Balbiani rings among chironomid species and localization of a new mobile element on the polytene chromosomes. Netherlands Journal of Aquatic Ecology 26, 123–128 (1992).

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  • Chironomidae
  • Balbiani rings
  • in situ hybridization
  • mobile element