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Evaluation and management of bilateral renal artery stenosis in children: A case series and review

  • Demetrius Ellis
  • Ron Shapiro
  • Velma P. Scantlebury
  • Richard Simmons
  • Richard Towbin
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This report describes the clinical course, diagnostic evaluation and management of six children with bilateral renal artery stenosis (RAS) and concurrent narrowing of the abdominal aorta. Except for one child with active arteritis, the others were asymptomatic. There were no clinical or laboratory features suggesting the etiology of hypertension in four of six patients, and diagnostic procedures, including Doppler duplex ultrasound and captopril scintigraphy, were unreliable in screening for such hypertension. Abdominal aortography and selective renal angiography confirmed the diagnosis of bilateral RAS and associated anatomical alterations of the aorta and its branches. The hypertension was severe and minimally responsive to antihypertensive agents. It was cured or improved after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) of three vessels in two children with mid-vessel stenoses, while hypertension persisted after PTA of two mid-vessel stenoses in a third child and one vessel with ostium stenosis in a fourth child. Autotransplantation of seven kidneys in four children resulted in cure or significant improvement of the hypertension. Renal function was preserved in all children during a mean follow-up time of 41 months. Based on illustrative data from these six children, as well as information from a review of the literature, this report discusses the key diagnostic issues and stresses the potential advantages of renal autotransplantation in selected children with this disorder.

Key words

Hypertension Renal artery stenosis 


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