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Effects of blockade of noradrenergic and serotonergic transmission in theCM-Pf complex on neuronal activity in the motor thalamus in cats


Effects of injections of blockers of the monoaminergic receptor structures into thecentrum medianum-nucl. parafascicularis (CM-Pf) on the activity of neurons in the motor thalamic nuclei (VA-VL) were studied in chronic experiments on awake cats. The animals were trained to perform an operant placing reflex by the forelimb. Injection of aβ-adrenoblocker, anapriline, into theCM-Pf resulted in enhancement of background activity of neurons of the motor thalamus and facilitation of their spike responses related to conditioned and unconditioned reflex movements. Application of a blocker of serotonin receptors, lysergoamide, evoked opposite changes in the neuronal activity in theVA-VL nuclei: depression of background activity, facilitation of inhibitory processes, and suppression of evoked activity related to conditioned and unconditioned movements. It is supposed that the monoaminergic system of thelocus coeruleus exerts a suppressing influence on the motor thalamus via theCM-Pf complex, while the system of the raphe nuclei facilitates motor thalamic structures.

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Neirofiziologiya/Neurophysiology, Vol. 28, No. 6, pp. 305–311, November–December, 1996.

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