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Investigation on time scales in a low Reynolds number jet flow using particle-tracking velocimetry

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The near flow field of an axisymmetric water jet at Reynolds numbers between 2000 and 5000 is investigated using Particle-Tracking Velocimetry. Measurements are taken in the longitudinal section (along the mean flow) and in cross-sections (orthogonal to the mean flow). From the former, correlation coefficients of the two in-plane velocity components in a Lagrangian framework are obtained: thus Lagrangian integral scales can be computed. Those of the streamwise velocity (axial) component increase on moving away from the centreline, whereas the opposite happens for the vertical velocity (radial) component: integral time scales of the two components are almost equal at the interface between jet and ambient fluids. On the other hand, integral scales are almost constant or increase slightly with the axial direction. In cross-sections, fluid ejection and injection from the jet centreline are observed to be connected to counter-rotating vortices (“mushroom”): their number and size change with Reynolds number in agreement with results from other authors. The maximum ejection velocity (orthogonal to the mean jet flow), at 3 nozzle diameters downstream of the outlet, is found to be one half of the mean outlet velocity.

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