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Effectiveness of benzyl benzoate in elimination of house dust mites

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The effect of elimination treatment with benzyl benzoate was examined in 30 adults with asthma caused by sensitivity to house dust mites. The patients were randomised into a control and an active group, who treated their mattresses with benzyl benzoate (Acarosan®). The study lasted 12 months and the effect of the treatment was monitored by monthly dust sampling, analyzed for major allergens fromDermatophagoides pteronyssinus andfarinae by the ELISA method and for guanine by the Acarex® method. The clinical effect was assessed by measuring lung function, daily peak flows, symptoms and medicine consumption as well as skin prick tests, and specific IgE to mite allergens. For both groups, a significant decrease was observed in house dust mite allergens, but there was no significant difference between the groups. No considerable differences were observed in clinical parameters within or between the groups. A good correlation was observed between ELISA and Acarex®. but the latter showed a major variation in the different classes. In conclusion. treatment of mattresses with benzyl benzoate had no effect in a group of patients with asthma due to house dust mite allergy. Regular vacuum cleaning of the bed may reduce house dust mite allergen exposure.

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