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Jaundice with persisting pericholangiolitic inflammation in a patient treated with chlorothiazide

Report of a case

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The occasional occurrence of jaundice in patients taking various drugs is well known. Frequently, however, data are insufficient in a suspected case to establish a causal relationship.

Jaundice and pericholangiolitic inflammation of acute nature were demonstrated in a patient treated with chlorothiazide, and it is the author's contention that the changes were relative to the chlorothiazide. Follow-up examination at autopsy 16 months after the episode of jaundice showed irreversible fibrotic pericholangiolitic changes with proliferation of interlobular bile ducts and regeneration of liver parenchymal cells.

Liver function studies at the time of the transient jaundice revealed obstructive features, and later the abnormalities also indicated parenchymal-cell disorder.

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Dr. Robert L. Woodburn performed the autopsy and rendered invalnable help in the preparation of this report.

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