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Lymphoma of the colon simulating ulcerative colitis

Report of four cases
  • Henry B. Friedman
  • Gary M. Silver
  • Charles H. Brown
Case Reports


Eleven cases diagnosed initially as chronic ulcerative colitis, and in which subsequently malignant lymphoma developed, have been reported since 1928. Four more such cases are reported here. It is postulated that all of these patients may have had malignant lymphoma at the onset of their symptoms, rather than “malignant degeneration” of chronic ulcerative colitis.


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  • Henry B. Friedman
    • 1
  • Gary M. Silver
    • 1
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  • Charles H. Brown
    • 1
  1. 1.From the Department of GastroenterologyThe Cleveland Clinic FoundationCleveland
  2. 2.General SurgeryCleveland ClinicUSA

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