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Bizarre leiomyoblastoma of jejunum with alcohol-induced pain

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A patient is described with a leiomyoblastoma of the jejunum whose presenting symptom was alcohol-induced pain. A description of this bizarre tumor is given, as well as a brief review of the literature concerning alcohol intolerance in other neoplastic conditions.

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Correspondence to Dr. J. J. Cerda MD.

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Supported in part by NIH Grant T1-AM-5462-04.

The authors are indebted to Dr. Frank P. Brooks for his critical review of this paper.

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Toskes, P.P., Cerda, J.J. & Skerrett, P.V. Bizarre leiomyoblastoma of jejunum with alcohol-induced pain. Digest Dis Sci 15, 121–126 (1970).

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