The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 209–217

Effects of nicotine and tobacco smoke on gastric secretion in rats with gastric fistulas

  • Jeremy H. Thompson


A light-weight plastic cannula was surgically implanted in the stomach at the nonglandular/glandular mucosal junction in male Sprague-Dawley rats. After a 3-week recovery period they were studied repeatedly over a span of 9 months. Following a 48-hr fast, gastric secretion was collected hourly for 7 hr (1 control and 6 experimental); parameters measured were gastric-juice volume (GJV), acid output (AOP), and pepsin output (POP).

The effects of nicotine hydrogen tartrate and tobacco smoke in 10% ethanol saline were studied under basal conditions and after stimulation with maximal doses of histamine acid phosphate and submaximal and maximal doses of ICI-50123. In control experiments, rats received normal saline or 10% ethanol saline (tobacco smoke control).

Nicotine depressed, to a varying degree, GJV and AOP in 3 hr of basal secretion; POP was unaffected. With maximal histamine-stimulated secretion, nicotine depressed GJV and AOP, to a varying degree, over the third to seventh hour; POP was depressed from the second to seventh hour. With maximal ICI-50123-stimulated secretion, nicotine depressed POP from the second to seventh hour; no effect was seen on the other parameters. With submaximal ICI-50123-stimulated secretion, POP was depressed by both nicotine and tobacco smoke; the other parameters were unaffected.


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