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Effects of histamine on gastric blood flow

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In anesthetized dogs, volume flow rate of blood to the stomach and distribution of blood through the stomach were studied by means of an electromagnetic flow meter and a surface counting technic. Simultaneous measurements of gastric secretory activities were made. Histamine was found to decrease volume flow rate of blood to the stomach. Distribution of blood through the stomach was altered by histamine. Whereas under resting conditions distribution of blood flow was predominantly antral, during histamine-induced gastric hypersecretion, blood flow tended to shift toward the fundus and away from the antrum. Therefore, it appears that distribution of blood through the stomach is not uniform but is characterized by a “borrowing and lending” phenomenon.

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The work described in this article was supported in part by Grant A3934 from the National Institutes of Health and Grant E-186 from the American Cancer Society.

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