Review of Industrial Organization

, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 99–111 | Cite as

An interindustry analysis of merger activity 1960 – 1983

  • Stanley E. Boyle
  • Michael J. Piette


This paper highlights several trends in merger activity in mining and manufacturing, and commercial banking in the United States for the period 1960 to 1983. The specific data examined included commercial bank mergers by types (horizontal, market extension), by corporate structure of the acquiring organization, and by regulatory authority providing final approval of these mergers.

Over the time period analyzed, significant differences appear to exist between the magnitude and the timing of mining and manufacturing as compared to commercial bank mergers. These differences may result largely from changes in long-existing legislation in the banking sector, particularly those in recent decades.


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  • Stanley E. Boyle
  • Michael J. Piette

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