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Acute monophasic focal demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system: longitudinal cliniconeuroradiological study of two patients

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We report the clinical features and laboratory-instrumental findings in two patients with acute monophasic demyelinating disease with focal clinical expression: one case of incomplete cervical transverse myelitis and one of focal supratentorial encephalitis. We describe the clinical course and evolution of the neuroradiological findings (CT and MRI) and discuss their pathological meaning and diagnostic value.


Descriviamo le caratteristiche cliniche e i riscontri laboratoristici-strumentali di due pazienti con malattia demielinizzante acuta monofasica ad espressione clinica focale: un caso di mielite trasversa cervicale incompleta ed uno di encefalite sopratentoriale focale.

Sono illustrati il decorso clinico e l'evoluzione dei reperti neuroradiologici (TAC e RMN), discutendone il significato patologico e l'utilità diagnostica.

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