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Dunite of the Ioko-Dovyrensk massif

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The dunite zone of the Ioko-Dovyrensk massif is 15 km long and 870 m thick. The dunites are fresh and possess physicochemical properties that make them a suitable raw material for the production of magnesiasilicate refractories. The weathering crust can be a source of molding sand. The North-Baikal Geological Prospecting Expedition (GPE) and the Locomotive and Car Repair Plant (Ulan-Ude) have tested four technological samples of olivine sands, three of which tests gave positive results. The creation of a base for the production of magnesia-silicate refractories in Siberia will make it possible to reduce the import of raw materials and even to export domestic products. The possibility of practical use of the dunites, the discovery of a low-sulfide metallic platinum mineralization, and the considerable growth of the prospected resources of nickel, copper, and cobalt make the development of the Ioko-Dovyrensk massif a quite promising undertaking.

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