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  • Lillie Pope


The Psycho-Educational Division of Coney Island Hospital has as its objective the prevention of mental health problems through educational intervention designed to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities. Its location within the hospital enhances efficiency of operations. The program has tapped new sources of manpower in the community, and thus contributes to the local economy.

By extending its services beyond hospital walls, the Psycho-Educational Division has made available to the community:
  • • a Learning Clinic, where 40 children are tutored and 250 receive psycho-educational evaluations annu ally, that is also a center for all program personnel training, and a model for remediation programs;

  • • a corps of 19 paraprofessionals who tutor 138 children;

  • • a corps of 400 volunteers who tutor 600 children;

  • • workshops, special programs, and ongoing consultation for teachers, guidance counselors, attendance teachers and other school staff in 60 local schools.


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