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Comparison between depot leuprorelin and daily buserelin in IVF

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To compare the effects of depot and daily forms of GnRH analogs in IVF programs.


One hundred seventeen patients undergoing IVF, with no severe male factor, were randomized between two treatment groups. Pituitary desensitization was obtained in group 1 (60 patients) with a single IM injection of leuprorelin (3.75 mg), and in group 2 (57 patients) with buserelin (0.3 mg SC twice daily). In a subgroup of 10 patients (5 for the depot form and 5 for the daily form) several GnRH tests were performed to investigate pituitary desensitization.


No differences were found in the time to reach desensitization. Resumption of pituitary activity occurred in 7 days with the daily form and in about 2 months with the depot form. No significant differences were found in the stimulation pattern, oocyte quality, percentage of fertilization. The pregnancy rate per transfer was slightly, but not significantly, better in the depot group (29.4% vs 25.9%). Implantation rate (11.9% vs 12.3%) and the percentage of miscarriages (26.6% vs 28.5%) were similar.


Depot and daily forms of GnRH analogs are equally effective in superovulation induction for IVF. Considering improved patient compliance and preference, depot forms are advantageous.

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