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CT and MRI evaluation of tenosynovitis of the rheumatoid hindfoot


Thirty-nine patients with rheumatoid arthritis who had presented with tarsitis before, were investigated at the level of the rearfoot. The first 17 patients had CT with previous tenography when it was possible; the following 22 patients had MRI with gadolinium injection. Tendon involvement appeared in 52,9% of the cases on CT, and in 90% of the feet on MRI; therefore, in case of clinical or radiological signs of tarsitis, it appears that tendon involvement must be suspected. With the two procedures the tibialis posterior tendon lesions were very predominant. In the majority of the patients (31/39), there was associated involvement of two or more tendons. If there is a ruptured tendon, the authors think that one must be cautious with surgical tendinous transfer; indeed, the long-term results of this surgical procedure present a strong probability of being compromised in rheumatoid arthritis which is a progressive disease.

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