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Subaerially exposed Late-Quaternary basinal shelf of the inner Mersin Bay, Eastern Mediterranean: Paleoenvironmental evidence

  • M. Ergin


High-resolution seismic profiles and petrographic data from surface and subsurface sediment samples from Mersin Bay, together with lithologic data from boreholes, were used to determine the origin and distribution of the pre- or early-Holocene unconformities in Mersin Bay (eastern Mediterranean). Reflectors corresponding to unconformities separate the younger, unconsolidated, marine transgressive sediments (Holocene) from the underlying, relatively coarser, consolidated sediments (Plio-Pleistocene). These unconformities correspond mainly to the erosional and subaerially deposited or later subaerially weathered land surfaces. These unconformities are probably related to the latest Pleistocene or earliest Holocene sea-level low stands.


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  • M. Ergin
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  1. 1.Erdemli Institute of Marine SciencesMiddle East Technical UniversityIcelTurkey

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