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The effect of the Airy phase during the propagation of edge waves

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Peculiarities of the edge wave evolution a great distance away from the source are considered. It is shown that waveguide dispersion may result in discrimination of the region in a wave train corresponding to the Airy phase. The effect of the discrimination of the Airy wave in the remote zone for the model of a ‘step-like shelf’ is compared with real edge waves (using the marigrams of tsunami observed in the Sea of Japan in 1983).

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Translated by Mikhail M. Trufanov.

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Golovachev, E.V., Kochergin, I.E. & Pelinovsky, E.N. The effect of the Airy phase during the propagation of edge waves. Soviet Journal of Physical Oceanography 3, 1–7 (1992). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02198487

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