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Some regularities of the ozone distribution in the near-water atmospheric layer

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The results of measurements of the ozone concentration obtained during the first cruise of the R/VVladimir Parshin close to the European Atlantic coast and in the adjacent seas are analysed. A sharp (four-fold) decrease in the ozone concentration off the coast along 50° N was found. This effect is associated with ozone absorption by the ocean, which is conditioned by the interaction of ozone with surface-active substances in the surface microlayer of seawater. This assumption is supported by the local decrease of the ozone concentration when approaching the coast, observed in the Black Sea several times. It is shown that the correlation between the ozone concentration and carbon monoxide above the ocean agrees with the regularity observed.

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Translated by Mikhail M. Trufanov.

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Ryabinin, A.I., Eremeeva, L.V. & Degterev, A.K. Some regularities of the ozone distribution in the near-water atmospheric layer. Soviet Journal of Physical Oceanography 3, 405–407 (1992). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02198072

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