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The generation of baroclinic tides over steep non-uniform bottom topography


The internal waves generated by semi-diurnal barotropic tides over steep non-uniform bottom topography are considered within the framework of the general linear theory. For the distribution of a fairly general form of the Bruth-Väsälä frequency, a method is suggested for computing the wave fields over critical and post-critical topographic non-uniformities which takes into account wave motion in ‘shadow’ areas. A specific analysis has been carried out for the fluid stratification, modelling pycnocline, and the bottom profile given by a simple trigonometric relation.

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Translated by V. Puchkin.

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Vlasenko, V.I., Cherkesov, L.V. The generation of baroclinic tides over steep non-uniform bottom topography. Soviet Journal of Physical Oceanography 1, 161–169 (1990).

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  • Climate Change
  • Stratification
  • Environmental Physic
  • Internal Wave
  • Linear Theory