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Profiles of educators

Michael Ernest Sadler (1861–1943)

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  1. Pickering, O. S. Sir Michael Sadler, A Chronological Bibliography. Some 600 items are listed and the source where many of them may be found is indicated. This publication is available from the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, United Kingdom.

  2. Higginson, J. H. (ed.).Selections from Michael Sadler. Liverpool, Dejall & Meyorre, 1980. (ISBN 090560301-X.) This book is now out of print, but copies exist in many university libraries across the world.

For general biographies, consult

  1. Sadleir, Michael.Michael Ernest Sadler: Memoir by his Son. London, Constable, 1949.

  2. Grier, Lynda.Achievement in Education: The Work of Michael Ernest Sadler 1885–1935. London Constable, 1952.

Major publications by M. E. Sadler

  1. — 1898University Extension, Past, Present and Future, by M. E. Sadler and J. H. Mackinder. London, Cassell.

  2. M. E. Salder 1897–1902Special Reports on Educational Subjects. Issued by the Office of Special Inquiries and Reports under, the direction of M. E. Sadler, these volumes contain informed papers by Michael Sadler and also illustrate his talent for finding colleagues with particular knowledge of other systems of education.

  3. M. E. Sadler Vol. I (1897).Education in England, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium.

  4. M. E. Sadler Vol. II (1898).Education in England and Wales; Physical Education; The Heuristic Method of Teaching; University Education in France.

  5. M. E. Sadler Vol. III (1898).National Organisation of Education in Switzerland; Secondary Education in Prussia, Baden and Sweden; Teaching of Modern Languages; Higher Commerical Education in France, Germany and Belgium.

  6. M. E. Sadler Vol. IV (1901).Educational Systems of the Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland and the West Indies.

  7. M. E. Sadler Vol. V (1901).Educational Systems of Cape Colony, Natal, Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon and Malta.

  8. M. E. Sadler Vol. VI (1900).Preparatory Schools for Boys: Their Place in British Secondary Education.

  9. M. E. Sadler Vol. VII (1902).Rural Education in France.

  10. M. E. Sadler Vol. VIII (1902).Education in Scandinavia, Switzerland, Holland, Hungary.

  11. M. E. Sadler Vol. IX (1902).Education in Germany.

  12. M. E. Sadler Vol. X (1902).Education in the U. S. A. Part I.

  13. M. E. Sadler Vol. XI (1902).Education in the U.S.A. Part II.

  14. — 1903–23 ‘Education in England’ (Monthly letters to the reviewIndian Education). London, Longman, Green & Co.

  15. M. E. Sadler 1903–06Reports specially commissioned by local education authorities seeking to reorganize their education provision after the 1902 Education Act.

  16. M. E. Sadler 1907Continuation Schools in England and Elsewhere. Manchester University Press.

  17. — 1908Moral Instruction and Training in Schools. (Report of an international inquiry.) London, Longman, Green & Co.

  18. M. E. Sadler 1911Report on Education in Guernsey.

  19. M. E. Sadler 1919Report of the Commission on the University of Calcutta. 5 vols. Edited by Michael Sadler along with other, members of the Commission of which he was President. Calcutta, Superintendent of Government Printing.

  20. — 1926Our Public Elementary Schools. London, Thornton Butterworth.

  21. — —— Introduction toThe Folk High Schools of Denmark (by Holger Begtrup, Hans Lund, Peter Manniche), pp. 5–8. London, Oxford University Press.

  22. — 1928Thomas Day: An English Disciple of Rousseau. (The Rede Lecture.) Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

  23. M. E. Sadler 1930 ‘The Outlook in Secondary Education’. Three lectures published inThe Teachers College Record (New York, Columbia University).

  24. M. E. Sadler 1930 ‘The Philosophy Underlying the System of Education in England’, Part 1. In: I. L. Kandel (ed.),Education Yearbook of the International Institute of the Teachers College, Columbia University.

  25. — 1934 Introduction toTagore at Shantinekatan, or A Survey of Dr Rabindranath Tagore's Educational Experiments at Shantinekatan. Bombay, H. Chaturvedi.

  26. M. E. Sadler 1935 ‘Bibliography Relating to Indigenous Art in Tropical Africa’ and ‘Significance and Vitality in African Art’—two articles contributed by Sadler toArts of West Africa (which he edited). London, Oxford University Press for the International Institute of African Languages and Cultures.

  27. M. E. Sadler 1935John Adams: A Lecture in his Memory. Published by the Oxford University Press for the London Institute of Education.

  28. M. E. Sadler 1936 ‘The Scholarship System in England to 1890’. Published inEssays on Examinations, for the International Institute Examinations Inquiry. In this volume, which he edited, Sadler also included ‘The Leaving Examination as Conducted in the Secondary Schools of Prussia’, reprinted from theReport of the Royal Commission on Secondary Education in 1895.

  29. M. E. Sadler 1941 ‘Juncta Disjuncta’. These five articles, reprinted inThe Times of London as an eightpage pamphlet, cover the following themes: ‘The English Public Schools’; Future of the Private Schools’; The Troubled Sea of the Mind’; ‘The Two-mindedness of England about Education’; and ‘A Ministry of Health and Education. (The fourth article is reprinted in Higginson, op. cit., pp. 187–9.)

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After teaching at various levels in schools, Mr Higginson took up teacher education at Goldsmith's College, University of London. He continued in this function at the University of Leeds Institute, of Education, then at Christ Church College, Canterbury. First Director of the Sadler Foundation. Author of many publications, including an anthology,Selections from Michael Sadler: Studies in World Citizenship (1979) andA School is Born (1987).

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