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, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 1021–1041 | Cite as

Multiple dopamine receptors: fact, fiction or confusion?

  • A. S. Horn
  • M. G. P. Feenstra
  • C. J. Grol
  • H. Rollema
  • J. C. Van Oene
  • B. H. C. Westerink
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A critical review of the various theories postulating the existence of multiple dopamine (DA) receptors is presented. After a summary of the pharmacological methods used in measuring dopaminergic agonist and antagonist activities the evidence for postsynaptic, presynaptic, D-I, D-2, D-3, DA-1, DA-2, DAe and Dai receptors is examined. The possible clinical significance of these various theories is also briefly discussed.


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