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On the ergodic and the adaptive control of stochastic differential delay systems


Some problems of ergodic control and adaptive control are formulated and solved for stochastic differential delay systems. The existence and the uniqueness of invariant measures that are solutions of the stochastic functional differential equations for these systems are verified. For an ergodic cost criterion, almost optimal controls are constructed. For an unknown system, the invariant measures and the optimal ergodic costs are shown to be continuous functions of the unknown parameters. Almost self-optimizing adaptive controls are feasibly constructed by an approximate certainty equivalence principle.

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This research was partially supported by NSF Grants ECS-91-02714 and ECS91-13029.

Communicated by R. Rishel

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Duncan, T.E., Pasik-Duncan, B. & Stettner, L. On the ergodic and the adaptive control of stochastic differential delay systems. J Optim Theory Appl 81, 509–531 (1994).

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Key Words

  • Stochastic adaptive control
  • ergodic control
  • stochastic differential-delay systems
  • almost self-optimizing adaptive controls