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Initial-value problems for linear partial difference equations

  • A. Gameiro Pais
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The method presented in [4] for the solution of linear difference equations in a single variable is extended to some equations in two variables. Every linear combination of a given functionf and of its partial differences can be obtained by the discrete convolution product off by a suitable functionl (which depends on the considered linear combination), and we want to solve in a convolutional form difference equations in the whole plane. However, the convolution of two functions may not be possible if their supports contain half straight lines with opposite directions. To avoid this, we take four sets of functions corresponding to the quadrants such thatl belong to every set, every set endowed with the convolution and with the usual addition is a ring, and there is an inverse ofl in each of the four rings. This is attained by taking, for each ring, a set of functions whose supports belong to suitable cones. After choosing such rings, a very natural initial-value first-order Cauchy Problem (in partial differences) is reduced to a convolutional form. This is done either by a direct method or by introducing the forward difference functionsδ i f(i=1,2) in a general way depending on the shape of the support off so that Laplace-like formulas with initial and final values) hold. Applications to difference equations in the whole plane and to partial differential problems are made.

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Primary 39A10 


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  • A. Gameiro Pais
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  1. 1.Centro de Matemática e Aplicações FundamentaisLisboa CodexPortugal

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