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Long-term effects of an increased CO2 concentration on terrestrial plants in model ecosystems. Morphology and reproduction ofTrifolium repens L.and Lolium perenne L.

  • D. Overdieck


Mixtures (ratio 1∶1, 45 seeds·dm−2) of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and white clover (Trifolium repens) were enclosed in environmentally controlled acrylic mini-glasshouses and supplied with additional CO2 from September 1981 until September 1982 (547–600 ppm, control: ∼340 ppm CO2). At growth optimum the single leaf area of white clover was 30% greater and the specific leaf weight 19% higher with additional CO2; with the perennial ryegrass it was 18% resp. 29%. The length growth of the white clover petioles was enhanced by the additional CO2: in the beginning 67% longer leafstalks, at growth optimum no effect and at the end of the experiment 100%. At growth optimum the specific petiole weight was approximately 52% higher. When the growing was terminated the blades of perennial ryegrass were 19% longer at high CO2. The average volume of the flowerheads was about 53% greater and the adult ears 13% longer. The number of flowers per flower head and the number of earlets per ear did not increase significantly. On an average the white clover seeds were 28% heavier and the caryopses were 4% lighter.


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  • D. Overdieck
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  1. 1.FB 5, Biologie/Chemie, Fachgebiet ökologieUniversität OsnabrückOsnabrückFRG

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