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A shortest path algorithm in robotics and its implementation on the FPS T-20 hypercube

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A broad class of problems involving the optimal control of robot arms can be formulated as dynamic programming problems whose structure is particularly attractive for parallel processing. For certain simple cost functions the dynamic programming formulation reduces to determining the shortest path through a network. This algorithm has been implemented on a Floating Point Systems' T-20 hypercube computer. An analysis of the performance of the algorithm provides several important insights into the interplay between problem size and the number of processors in a parallel computer. The results also underscore the potential for parallel computers in real-time control applications.

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This work was supported in part by the Office of Naval Research, Contract N 00014-86-K-0693.

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Haymond, R.E., Thornton, J.R. & Warner, D.D. A shortest path algorithm in robotics and its implementation on the FPS T-20 hypercube. Ann Oper Res 14, 305–320 (1988).

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