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Seasonal variation in growth and carrageenan content ofCalliblepharis jubata (Rhodophyceae, Gigartinales) from the Normandy coast, France


Study of the seasonal variation in the quality and content of iota carrageenan inCalliblepharis jubata from the Normandy coast of France shows that seasonal fluctuation of the environment affects the growth and chemical composition of this red alga. Growth increases during winter, when there is little synthesis of carrageenan and floridean starch is accumulated. When inorganic nitrogen content decreases, growth also decreases and stops (May to August); with high light intensity, the metabolism is oriented towards a synthesis of parietal carrageenans to the detriment of the reserve products such as floridean starch.

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Zinoun, M., Cosson, J. Seasonal variation in growth and carrageenan content ofCalliblepharis jubata (Rhodophyceae, Gigartinales) from the Normandy coast, France. J Appl Phycol 8, 29–34 (1996).

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