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A description ofGraphidioides kravetzi n. sp. and the revision ofGraphidioides Cameron, 1923 (Nematoda Trichostrongyloidea), parasites of Neotropical rodents

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Graphidioides kravetzi n. sp., from the cricetidHolochilus brasiliensis in Uruguay, is characterised by relatively long rays 2 in relation to the length of rays 3 and by the characters of the synlophe: the same number of ridges at mid-body and at the level of oesophago-intestinal junction; and in the anterior part of the body ridges facing the lateral fields more developed than the others at the same level. Redescriptions of three species belonging to the genusGraphidioides Cameron, 1923 (Trichostrongylinae) from Argentina are presented:G. rudicaudatus (Railliet & Henry, 1909) Cameron, 1925 fromLagostomus maximus; G. mazzai Lent & Freitas, 1935 fromCavia aperea pamparum; andG. taglei Babero & Cattan, 1975 fromOctodon bridgesi. Complementary data are provided concerning the type-species,G. affinis (Megnin, 1895), fromDolichotis patagonum. An amended definition of the genusGraphidioides is proposed, mainly based on a knowledge of the synlophe, with ridges orientated perpendicularly to the body surface and lacking facing the lateral cords, and the pattern of the caudal bursa. A dichotomous key to the species of the genus is provided.

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