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Effects of cooling on certain blood constituents in relation to reproductive behaviour in buffaloes

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Forty-five healthy lactating buffaloes were taken for this study in three groups: group 1 served as control. At 11:00 and 15:00 h daily the animals in group 2 were given showers and of group 3 were sent for wallowing for half an hour each time. Blood samples were taken at 14-day intervals. The overall mean values of acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, total plasma ascorbic acid and plasma proteins were 2.61, 2.87, 2.89 (KA U/100ml plasma); 4.81, 4.71, 4.51 (KA U/100 ml plasma), 1.04, 1.29, 1.41 (mg/100ml plasma) and 7.05, 6.17, 6.05 (g/100 ml plasma) in control, shower and wallow groups respectively. The different parameters of reproductive efficiency-percentage of animals coming in oestrus, days-open, duration of oestrus, percent conception rate and services per conception were 40, 60, 19.09, 20, 7 in the controlgroup; 53.33, 42, 19.46, 28.50, 4.25 in the shower group and 73.33, 38.75, 23.00, 50 and 2.00 in the wallow group respectively.

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