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Host genes inPisum sativum L. conferring resistance to EuropeanRhizobium leguminosarum strains

  • T. A. Lie


Using primitive and wild pea plants from Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey, three host genes were detected, which confer resistance to nodulation by Rhizobium strains of cultivated peas from Europe. A dominant gene Sym 1 controls temperature-sensitive nodulation in pea cv. Iran. Another gene Sym 2 confers general resistance to a large number of European Rhizobium strains at all temperatures used. The degree of dominance of the latter gene is dependent on the Rhizobium strain used. A third gene Sym 4 is responsible for specific resistance to a single Rhizobium strain.

Key words

Host-genetic control Nodulation Pisum sativum L. Rhizobium leguminosarum Symbiotic nitrogen fixation 


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© Martinus Nijhoff/Dr W. Junk Publishers 1984

Authors and Affiliations

  • T. A. Lie
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of MicrobiologyAgricultural UniversityWageningenThe Netherlands

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