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The antibiotic effect of culture filtrates of some soil fungi on rhizobial growth in cultures

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Four strains ofRhizobium sp. from peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) root nodules were tested for their sensitivity to metabolites (culture filtrates) of more than ten common soil inhabiting fungi, in yeast extract mannitol agar and broth cultures. Among the rhizobial strains tested strain CB-530, BU-1 and BU-2 were not sensitive to metabolites ofMyrothecium roridum andFusarium moniliforme whereas CB-1024 was sensitive. Culture filtrates ofGliocladium roseum, Thielavia basicola andDrechslera pedicellata inhibited the strains CB-530 and BU-2 but not CB-1024. Most of the soil inhabiting fungi tested were inhibitory to rhizobial growthin vitro and very few were stimulatory, their effect in either case being strain specific.

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