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Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of hydrocarbons from the microalgaBotryococcus braunii

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Samples of the microalgaBotryococcus braunii were submitted to supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide at 40 °C and pressures of 12.5, 20.0 and 30.0 MPa. The extraction yield and the fraction of the hydrocarbons in the extracts both increased with pressure and at 30 MPa these compounds were obtained rapidly. This behaviour is associated with the localization of the hydrocarbons outside the cell wall. In the extracts, which are fluid, golden and limpid, chlorophyll and phospholipids were not detected.

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Mendes, R.L., Fernandes, H.L., Coelho, J.A. et al. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of hydrocarbons from the microalgaBotryococcus braunii . J Appl Phycol 6, 289–293 (1994).

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Key words

  • microalga
  • Botryococcus brounii
  • supercritical fluid extraction
  • carbon dioxide
  • hydrocarbons