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Fixed ammonium in Libyan soils and its availability to barley seedlings


Native fixed ammonium nitrogen and fixation of added ammonium nitrogen were studied in soil profile samples of three Libyan soils. The availability of both forms of fixed ammonium N to barley seedlings was investigated using surface soil samples under pot culture.

All soils contained native fixed ammonium N which ranged from 9.26 to 10.36 mg/100 g soil. Fixation of added ammonium N was of the order of 5.10 mg/100 g for surface soils and 5.26 mg/100g for sub-surface soils. Fixation increased with profile depth.

It was found that 38 percent of the soil total fixed ammonium N and 70 percent of the soil KOBr extractable N were available to barley seedlings. An equation representing the uptake of N from these two sources was established and their contribution to plant content of N was calculated.

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Key Words

  • Ammonium
  • Barley
  • Crop uptake
  • Fixation of added ammonium
  • Libyan soils
  • Native fixed ammonium
  • Plant availability
  • Pot culture