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The effect of cropping and fertiliser nitrogen rates on nitrogen balance in soil

  • V. P. Shabaev


Fertilizer/soil N balance of cropped and fallow soil has been studied in a pot experiment carried out with grey forest soil (southern part of Moscow region) at increasing rates of15N labelled ammonium sulfate (0; 8; 16; 32 mg N/100 g of soil). The fertilizer15N balance has been shown to depend upon its application rate and the presence of growing plants. Fertilizer N uptake efficiency was maximum (72.5%) and gaseous losses-minimum (12.5%) at the application rate of 16 mg N/100 g of soil. Fertilizer N losses from the fallow soil were 130–220% versus those from the cropped soil. At the application of fertilizer N the plant uptake of soil N was 170–240% and the amount of soil N as N−NH4 exchangeable + N−NO3 in fallow was 350–440% as compared to the control treatment without nitrogen (PK).

After cropping without or with N fertilizer application at the rates of 8 and 32 mg N/100 g of soil, a positive nitrogen balance has been found which is likely due to nonsymbiotic (associative) N-fixation. It has been shown that biologically fixed nitrogen contributes to plant nutrition.

Key words

Grey forest soil Nitrogen balance Pot experiment Ryegrass 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. P. Shabaev
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Soil Science and PhotosynthesisUSSR Academy of SciencesPushchinoUSSR

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