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The rapeseed mitochondrial gene encoding a homologue of the bacterial protein Ccl1 is divided into two independently transcribed reading frames

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In the rapeseed mitochondrial genome we identified sequences that have a high similarity to those of a bacterial gene involved in the biogenesis of cytochromesc designatedccl1. The structure of this gene is quite unusual. In rapeseed mitochondria, theccl1-homologous (orf577) sequence is divided into two parts, which are at least 45 kb apart. These two parts are transcribed separately and their transcripts are edited similarly to the homologous transcripts of wheat andOenothera. However it was impossible to identify a mature transcript covering the whole coding region, a result that excludes a trans-splicing event. No other copy of this gene was found in either the nuclear genome or the mitochondrial genome. The protein product oforf577 is present in rapeseed mitochondria. These results raise the possibility that this divided gene might be functional and active in rapeseed mitochondria through a novel mechanism of gene expression.

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