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Twenty-five cases of relaxing retinotomy using a nanosecond Nd Yag Laser (Yag-retinotomy)

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The results of the first 25 retinotomies performed with a nanosecond Nd Yag Laser (Nanolas, Biophysic Medical) between September 1986 and July 1987 are described. This technique was chosen in order to avoid additional surgery and anesthesia in patients requiring a relaxing retinotomy. Treated eyes were usually filled with silicone oil. Simple contact anesthesia and a three-mirror lens were sufficient. Energy was set at 10–15 mJ, 50 Hz burst mode, 10° cone angle. The aim of the treatment was to eliminate a residual inferior traction, to remove silicone oil (19 cases), or to obtain reapplication at the posterior pole. Results were positive in 18 cases and negative in 7, but unsuccessful Nd Yag laser treatment may be corrected with surgical retinotomy. The main complication is hemorrhage, which usually subsequently decreases and does not affect the prognosis.

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Correspondence to Jean Haut.

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Presented at the XVIth Meeting of the Club Jules Gonin, Bruges, 4–8 September 1988

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