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Determination of131I,134Cs,137Cs in plants and cheese after Chernobyl accident in Roumania

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Various samples from the south-east region of Roumania/greens, fodder, cheese/were analyzed for131I,134Cs and137Cs concentrations in May and July 1986 by γ-ray spectrometry. The concentrations are reported in nCi. kg−1 wet weight. For greens, a considerable decrease was observed for131I/to 3.0–7.0 nCi. kg−1/,134Cs/to 0.5–2.0 nCi.kg−1/ and137Cs /to 1.0–4.0 nCi. kg−1/ from the first half /5–15 May/ till the end of May 1986. For cheese, maximum values were measured between 5 and 15 May /sheep cottage cheese: 500–800 nCi.kg−1 for131I, 25–50 nCi. kg−1 for134Cs, 40–80 nCi. kg−1 for137Cs/; at the beginning of July a considerable decrease /to 5–10 nCi. kg−1 for131I, 1.2–2.0 nCi.kg−1 for134Cs, 2.2–3.0 nCi. kg−1 for137Cs/ was observed. In autumn 1986 a small increase up to 2.0–3.0 nCi. kg−1 for134Cs and 3.4–5.0 nCi. kg−1 for137Cs /in November/ was reported. The population's internal possible contamination was strongly limited by the authorities' severe control of the food-stuff.

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Constantinescu, B., Galeriu, D., Ivanov, E.A. et al. Determination of131I,134Cs,137Cs in plants and cheese after Chernobyl accident in Roumania. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Letters 128, 15–21 (1988). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02167020

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