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Production of radiochemically and radionuclidically pure153Sm for medical applications

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A procedure is described for the large scale production of radiochemically and radionuclidically pure153Sm economically, from neutron irradiated natural Sm targets. Cation-exchange chromatography using 200–400 mesh Dowex-50×8 resin in the elution mode was used with 0.2M α-hydroxyisobutyric acid (α-HIBA) as the eluent at pH 4.7±1 and at 26±1 °C for this purpose. Typical decontaminations of carrier-free(155+156)Eu radioactive impurities, of the order of 5×102, could be achieved in individual fractions, from millicurie amounts of153Sm activity produced in milligram quantities of heavily neutron-irradiated natural Sm targets. Even though the153Sm yields were at about 3% at these decontamination levels of impurities, the yields increased to an average of about 50% at about 95% level of decontamination of these impurities. It has been shown that the method is successful for producing radiochemically and radionuclidically pure153Sm in sufficiently high radioactive concentrations for its probable conversion into153SmEDTMP complex, a potential radiopharmaceutical useful in the palliative therapy of metastatic bone cancer.

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