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Natural depuration rate and concentration of cesium-137 radionuclide in Black Sea macro algae

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Cesium-137 concentrations in red, brown and green algae have been studied for the calculation of natural depuration rates. The algae species were collected from the same population of the Black Sea stations during the period of 1986–1995. The natural depuration rates are estimated as biological half-lives. The pattern of depuration results represented by a single component for each algae division. The biological half-lives of137Cs in red (Phyllophora nervosa), green (Chaetomorpha linum) and brown (Cystoceira barbata) algae are estimated to be 18.5, 21.6 and 29.3 months, respectively.137Cs and40K activity levels and their ratios in algae species in two stations in Black Sea region of Turkey have been determined during the period of 1990–1995. The results showed that the Sinop region was more contaminated than the Şile region on the Black Sea coast of Turkey from the Chernobyl accident.

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