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Production of123I using the CV-28 cyclotron at IPEN-CNEN/SP


These studies had the purpose of establishing the optimal conditions for the production of123I through the124Te (p, 2n)123I reaction, using the CV-28 Cyclotron (Emax=24 MeV for protons) at IPEN-CNEN/SP. Two different targets (TeO2 and TeO2+2% Al2O3) were irradiated in order to check their physical resistance against beam current (up to 12 μA) and length of irradiation (10 min — 2h), and to evaluate the recovery of the radioiodine produced, by a dry distillation process with a high frequency induction furnace. Later on, enriched124TeO2 (96.2%) targets were irradiated, and123I was produced routinely with a production yield of (3. 31±0.07) mCi/μAh, 1.7% of124I at EOB and radiochemically pure.

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Mestnik, S.A.C., Mengatti, J., Nieto, W. et al. Production of123I using the CV-28 cyclotron at IPEN-CNEN/SP. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Letters 175, 75–80 (1993).

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Furnace
  • Al2O3
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Optimal Condition