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Behavior of radiocesium in atmospheric arerosol and fallout in Prague


Radiocesium in ground layer atmospheric aerosol and fallout in Prague has been examined. After a decline in 1986–1988, controlled by a sum of two negative exponentials,137Cs aerosol concentration reached a constant level based on an equilibrium between its deposition and resuspension. Deposition velocity was compared to that of7Be and226Ra. It confirmed the supposed source of137Cs as resuspension from the ground. Resuspension factor of the order of magnitude of 10−9 was determined, reminding similar values found earlier in Prague as well as those found in Munich. It also agrees well with the USAEC resuspension model. Solubility of137Cs was measured in combined wet and dry fallout. The average undissolved fraction of137Cs was found to be about 70% which can be explained by the conditions of the137Cs aerosol formation in Chernobyl.

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Constant Level
  • Deposition Velocity
  • Atmospheric Aerosol